Patrick Hoff

My full name is Patrick van 't Hoff, 33; I currently live with my girlfriend in the city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. I'm working full time as an interim/external system engineer for different large companies, mostly doing migration projects. I did not get any education for that, instead I did a major in arts and multimedia design at the art academy in Rotterdam. In my spare time I enjoy photographing, image-editing and walking/hiking, preferably on vacation. As a matter of fact, I will be visiting Banff in May, just after the symposium...

I got most of my inspiration for projections since I joined Flickr, and learned a lot from guys like Seb and Josh.

Technical Details

  • Equipment: For my pano's I use a Canon 350D/Dig Rebel XT with the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens, shooting all images on 10mm, handheld, as I do not own a nodal ninja.
  • Image processing software is Photoshop cs2 and Adobe Lightroom. Some of my work is indeed hdr, using Photomatix for th conversion.
  • Software I use for the equirectangular is PTgui with panoramatools,
  • Software for the stereographic projections is Flexify plugin. Also I use projections like Peirce and Polar.