Matthew Field

Matt got into both photography and computing at a young age, first learning to program on a Sinclair ZX81 at the age of 9 and starting to mess around with 35mm photography and the darkroom a couple of years later. Over twenty years later and the two interests have happily become mutually beneficial - most notably with the photography providing a meaningful and productive reason to spend more hours sat in front of a computer!

After long time use of Linux on the desktop, he now uses OSX day to day. He first started stitching panoramas using freely available tools such as panotools on Linux and that continues today, alongside commercial available packages. He uses a combination of software including Realviz Stitcher, Hugin, Bibblepro, PS CS3.

He works as a semi professional photographer - shooting professionally in areas as diverse as music and real estate whilst also continuing a busy career as a production manager in live music and events. He had been stitching together larger and larger single and double row panoramas from travel around the world but it was whilst shooting QTVR virtual tours for real estate that he became aware of the potential for more creative use of the mapping of a 360 degree 3D space. He is currently working on some much more challenging applications of this genre featuring people which did not make it to completion in time for this exhibit.

Technical info

  • Canon 20D, EF-S 10-22
  • Nodal Ninja 3
  • RAW - Bibblepro - TIFF
  • Realviz Stitcher Unlimited
  • PS CS3
  • Flexify