My Hacking

Victoria's Shipyard.

Recent Research Software Projects

tracing-git: a dashboard for Linux commits

We are helping the Linux kernel trace commits across repositories.


Yuki Manabe and I developed Ninka, a license identification tool for source code. You can find it at:


Julius Davis and I have developed Joa, a tool to help in provenance recovery of Java code:


This is the oldest automatic conjugator of Spanish verbs. It has been working since 1994: Compjugador

Some of my contributions to Open Source Software


I contribute regularly to xournal. But there are some experimental features that have not made it to it that I maintain in my fork:


I use sawfish as my window manager. I have a bunch of scripts that make my life easier here.


I have contributed to libpano of Panotools both as a developer and a researcher.

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