Does the New York Times mock me?

This weekend I watched “The People vs Larry Flint”. One of the scenes is:

Larry: You guys read Playboy?
Friend 1: Well yeah.
Friend 2: Sure.
Jimmy: Yeah.
Larry: Uhmm . . . Did you, uh--excuse me, Baby. Did you enjoy this month's 
       article on how to hook up your quadraphonic stereo system?
Friend 3: I think I missed that one.
Larry: And, uh, did you follow their advice on how to make a perfect martini?
Chester: Hey, Larry, c'mon man, move over.
Larry: Who is this magazine for anyway? I mean, ya know, it's like if 
       you don't make twenty thousand-plus a year, you don't jerk off. 
       Seven million people buying it, and nobody's reading it. 
       Gentlemen, Playboy is mocking you!

Today I opened the New York Times Travel Magazine, that is included with the Sunday edition of the paper (yes, I get the paper version). I found an editorial for the Yves Saint Laurent’s Travel Adapter, at a list price of 450 US. The description reads: “Considering how long stylish travelers have had to cart around less-than-beautiful electrical doohickeys, it’s a wonder that fashion hasn’t come to the rescue sooner.”

I wonder if the New York Times is mocking me.

And I haven’t even mentioned the ads for many of its products.