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Storm and SeagullFrom SookeWaitingMediterranean CoastStarting the new year+ Left+ rightUntitledTuba Christmas or is it Christmas TubaStick and birdTwoUntitledParliament HillMuseo del JamonUntitled30 years laterArtist in Central Park St PaulUntitledWindmillsMoMAUnder the cloudsSparklerSnakeShe looked at me, I saw the photo, raised my camera, she lowered her umbrella, I shotGoogle Summer of Code BandNatural Light WorkshopCelebratingUntitledProtect herFeeding the seagullsAnother one of the breakwaterCrosswalkMediterranean Sea 2Mediterranean SeaDivingGhost in Girona 4Ghost in Girona 3Ghost in Girona 2Ghost in Girona 1Photographing a (Large) MonetShame by the TuileriesBy the SeineUntitledMaskRavensWho?WaitingCrosswalkThe LessonCoffeeOn a lineThat wayRainy dayBicycle LaneReception at Lúz GalleryGoodbye KissTeam, water and the sunWe waited for the light, I pulled up my camera, she pulled down her umbrellaIt's a busy nightReboot: No. 44UVic's First Peoples House, welcoming totem polesUVic's First Peoples House, North West EntranceUVic's First Peoples House, Main EntranceMy "big" officeDragon LampMorning Vertical Pano  with the Sun LowStarred chain linksLight at the end of the tunnel 2SFUTreesJumping on the CouchBokehFaces 2Do not trample on the luxurian grassThe Chinese WallOur "master" needs one like that instead...LoadedThe Nature of Life and Death, or death and live in nature, part 1.The nature of life and death, or death and life in nature, part 2Family rideVertical ViewMartini, anyone?FacesNew Mural at the BreakwaterWe have cherries tooStanley ParkLogGregUntitledTechnology does make a differenceNo matter how hard you try, some doors will never openEl Jesus de la AlmudenaKernTilted Spheres 2From the windowWCRE BandRed Hat (society) for non-geeksStreet Entertainment? Depends who you askTilted Spheres by Richard SerraPhotographer, Ocean and SunsetCrane, Ocean and SunsetSeagull, Ocean and SunsetPainterly1Enfused treeSwinging ProhibitedWCRE PortraitsBlue TruckWhite: Paper Texture: Reverse Software EngineeringPurpleGoldenBlueOrangeBicycles Parking Lot #2Nikon vs CanonHelijet VancouverAnother Slow OceanIsland #3Island #2IntersectionTaking photos by the fountainThe Moon and the DucksBy the riverSi j'etais toiTree line#41Pyramid #3SeinePyramid #2Ghosts at the PompidouNotre Dame de ParisSpeedIn your faceTightTwo are better than oneWaitingUnder the BridgeBrancusiUntitledPyramidThe Tower IIThe Tower IIIThe Tower IFree InternetOne of those few days...Looking at the Stars ILooking at the Stars IICrossingEvolutionPalatial Computer ScreensByeHeySeascape 0920The (mini) Lighthouse at the end of the BreakwaterGhosts on the breakwaterSeascape 0918Towards the SunJust above the GrassSlow tankerWaitingWoman and BirdsHarbour SceneLost and FoundSeascape #1Surfing silhouetteOn strikeStairsIslandBoatOn the rocksOcean and Fog IIITrowlerMath nor MethIntellectual and Academic FreedomOcean and Fog IIOcean and FogUntitledChildren FishingFishing during SunsetWatching the Moon RiseRunnerWatching the Sunset IVLighthouse at the end of the BreakwaterWatching the Sunset IIIWatching the Sunset IIWatching the SunsetFalling into the outfall: what is the right orientation of a photo?UntitledBride to beEmpress SightseeingTreePinUntitledLawn BowlingBattleshipDocking IIIDocking IIDocking ICruisingTwoOn the PhoneCharmingUntitled #08-02Untitled #08-01Untitled #07-31Untitled #07-30Untitled #07-29Untitled #07-28Untitled #07-27Untitled #07-26Untitled #07-25Untitled #07-24Untitled #07-23Untitled #07-22Untitled #07-21Untitled #07-20Untitled #07-19Untitled #07-18Untitled #07-17Untitled #07-16Untitled #07-15Untitled #07-14Untitled #07-13Untitled #07-12Untitled #07-11Untitled #07-10Untitled #07-5Untitled #07-6Untitled #07-7Untitled #07-8Untitled #07-9Untitled #07-04Untitled #07-03Untitled #07-02Untitled #07-01Saint Andrew's Presbyterian ChurchDepth of Field #2#912Like MJUntitledSpikes(it was a) WindowDepth of FieldThe Viewable SphereBanff #3: Cool framework we playBanff #2BanffWaitingFleeting momentsToniWind Surfing with kites #2TechniqueWind surfing with a kiteCrossword#894Flower and InsectWorld Naked Bike RideUntitledBenchWind surferGolferBikerBusClover PointSeagullsSkullsUntitled501 GarrisonCartoonWork in ProgressWedding at the Nunciatura ApostolicaNave of the AlmudenaDoor of the AlmudenaUntitledSplineSunset down the streetLa CuevaSurrealist tunnelLinesInto the oceanCup of CoffeeIn the streets of ToledoUntitledJuan de Fuca No. 1Pick-up soccerWhite bootsHyde Park No 2Hyde Park No. 1EscorialChairsBikeTate ModernErosCouple Canine Fútbol (football)Jazz BandUntitledFree Hugs/Abrazos GratisWedding15Foot and TrainThe Moon and VenusPigeons and Woman at the Plaza MayorFutbolitoCelebrations of San Isidro at the Iglesia de San GinésCalvaUntitledKeiji Kawashima: El parpadeo del tiempo (the flicker of time)Impressionistic TulipsChasing the Ducks22UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledFan Tan AlleyOrca No. 3Orca No. 2Orca No. IBycicle powered Flight SimulatorConformal LabFawn LillyWhat is the Truth?Falling out the OutfallDadiKite Flying TeamSpinnakerUntitled UntitledMagnoliasShadows at the breakwaterLike father like sonCrocusStopThe view from Clover PointOutfallWorking outsideAcross the StraitPen and PencilRed WalkerReflectionsCyclist silhouetteInukshuks in the oceanInukshok and PeopleAdams World in a Square IIAdams World in a Square I projectionAdams Hemisphere in a Square (doubly periodic)Guyou ProjectionPeirce Quincuncial ProjectionArchitectural ProjectionMiller Cylindrical ProjectionAlbers Conic Equal AreaLambert Azimuthal Equal Area ProjectionEquirectangular ProjectionLambert Cylindrical Equal Area ProjectionSunset RunBuilding CrossesSunset WalkThe TurntableGrassHaving fun with EinsteinSmithsonianHirshhorn Museum: eye in the sky.PandaCan the rabbit cross the line?BricksWheel in the skyStereographic BreakwaterStereographic ClassroomAir ECSFar better is to dare...DrumStereographic StairsSailing boatDark CloudsStereographic Breakwater in B&WStereographic BreakwaterTunnel VisionAnd Another one of those sunsets...Another one of those sunsets...Red SpiderAmerican WindowSilky OceanGhostThrowing stonesSnowball fightBurrh, its freezing!White TreesCrosswayFlying 2FlyingUVic Totem Poles and Snow 3UVic Totem Poles and Snow 2UVic Totem Poles and SnowLow tideFacesTwin rocksTwo years of Silver NegativeDancing SeagullsUntitled in RedGroup PhotoNothingLoteriaSeagull and KayakUntitledMaxRainy nightFaceRocksNight is for Sleeping Day is for RestingWorkingChristmas DinnerWindyUntitledSugimoto's Ocean 2Tree StumpsWhite mountainsWillowSunset at Holland PointNice bootsSunsetRocky MountainChristmas CatUntitledBean Around the WorldSpiralClover Point SunsetFishing fleetComputer Science BuildingDefished inner harbourPelengWet FerrariCircle of LightGliding BirdSeagullCold little people with red nosesWhite Inner HarbourEarly ChristmasCity Hall Headache or Wilfrid has a migraineWhite VictoriaSnow stormMystic ValeSugimoto's OceanCoaching the ModelInner Harbour and Blue BridgeFishingSpiralUntitledChange of MoodEntrance of St. John's harbourTable footballGoldstreamInner Harbour at night1316-1318 Wharf StreetGirl and PigeonsThe anonymous soldierLeafCoupleDear MotherTreeUntitledBicyclesOpen Air GalleryBreakwater in RedRainy CrossBeacon Hill Totem PoleSelf portraitShipWalking the DogCyclingUntitledLincolnThose LipsUntitledInto the oceanBreakwaterLong exposureFortunePortrait #40Rainbow BridgeReading in the SubwayThank YouWaterfallShadowEast Wing of the National Gallery or Art attempt 2East Wing of the National Gallery of ArtRunningPark RangerWashington MemorialAsakusa 3Asakusa 2Tokyo International ForumWorking before sunriseBeacon Hill Totem PoleSugimotoish-3Lego RobotFerry RideTokyo Metropolitan Assembly BuildingPlaying with Henry MooreYView from AboveAsakusaPhotographer and tall buildingDogSugimotoish-2SymphonicArtist at the Tokyo International Forum SquareMantisSugimotoishRising SunOceanBrothersSnowbirdsLockFaceDogGothic SpireNight JugglersYellow FlowerUntitledCIVUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledBalconyFlash photographyHenry Moore's SculptureGlobeLab PortraitImperial Oil TowerSnowbirds and Mt BakerPosingThe RingInner Harbour at NightNatureOrcaFisherman's WharfHullElliptical ceilingThat 'was' entertainmentUntitledTwo to TangoFishingNorthern Junk Co: 1314 Wharf StAiewa DrummersInner Harbour 360Toronto SubwayBurnt HouseWatching the SunsetBreakwaterImperial Oil TowerUntitledUntitledFaces IV: lady mantisFaces IIIFaces IIFacesCaprica, before the invasionSplash of colourBastion Square PuppetsPurple FlowerFenced SkyDragon Boat Festival 2004Herald St from a PorscheIt's a boyUmbrella monsterLuminara: Aiewa Dance CompanyVictoria Harbour FerriesKitchenRoses and SkySkirts: Nancy SlaughtAppleMoss St. Paint-In: Eva CampbellMoss St Paint-in: Harumi OtaI have no ideaLego MindstormsCallaFun cameraRed Construction CarSurfing IIBelly DancingSurfingCathedral GroveHacky sackTofino BayChesterman BeachI'm CanadianFlorencia BeachDominion HotelMt Baker from "Mt" TolmieView from the BeachDaisiesGonzalez BaySunset in Salt LakeKennecott Copper MineSalt LakeHappy?Salt Lake City TempleBoston BuildingRunnerHot violinist: message in a crestAphidBreakwaterThose lipsUntitledBlue SkySelf portraitShanghai MuseumCracked FaceCatedral de SevillaToledo from the ParadorSeagull on the RoofUVic Totem Pole BalconiesBear AttackKiss me, Kiss meUntitledUVicMaglevPeople's SquareCarmen's patioUnfolding realityUntitledChinese PhotographerShanghai's Oriental Pearl TowerContrastCycling countryHagglingJin Mao: attrium of the Grand HyattOpen air bicycle repair shop: shanghai.china.comTyping by the WindowUntitledMarching AntsPlease Paint: a collaborative 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Original stories for free --and photosSpringTorre AbnarMontjuïc Olympic ParkDiagonal L'illaUniversidad Rey Juan CarlosNakedUntitledRastroCatedral de la AlmudenaThe Edge of "Madrid"The river LiffeyTrinity CollegeKing John's CastlePink New terminalTwo chairsEagleTree and Blue SkyCrescent MoonReina SofiaAvian flu?Dancing in the AirDogBlue IIBlueOld marketChild faceAljaferia CeilingMain entrance of the Basilica del PilarIñaki and the Cathedral of ToledoAljaferiaStatue in Plaza del PilarSpheresMotorcycle trailModeling Greco style at the Museo del PradoTrees and a childTreesTruckExhaust pipePortrait of a sculptureEntrance to the SubwayChildren and fountainNou Camp de BarcelonaFaçade of the Sagrada FamiliaLike ocean wavesContrastShadows at Paseo de la GraciaSpiral stairs of the Sagrada FamiliaZaragoza train stationLaw for the MountainsRunning in front of the busWoman reading inside newsstandWoman in Black and Red CarHoodSmokingShiny shoesReal Zaragoza vs BarcelonaPlaza del PilarPigeonWalking under a light snowfallTuksLearning to skateFerry lights and full moonLa RomaredaSnow bankWinter landscapeChateau FrontenacJP2MendicantsOne year!Typing with stylePatioSiesta time during winterWalking the dog in BarcelonaI don't like graffitiThree KingsKiss, Barcelona styleStreet Market at the Romareda: 28 lostVuela! (Fly) Le DésertPTmenderElephanNo smokingThe Unilever Series at the Tate ModernSnow in LondonSitting and overlooking the parkNational Theatre, no tripod allowedHempland DriveThe ShamblesLeaving YorkBlue BicycleCobblestone streetWaiting at the York Train StationDisk resuscitationLondon CanalWaiting by the MinsterInside the MinsterDurham CathedralCity wallSt Paul's Cathedral at the end of the Millennium BridgeLondon skylineLloyd's reflectionParliament at SunsetBicyclesWalking by the MinsterMe, Under the  Bridge Guitar womanUnder the BridgeHenry Moore's LandscapeSpherical MinsterNewcastle's Millennium BridgeSecurity Guarddas ibookNewcastle Faces of the MinsterHigh heelsKing ManorUnder the train engineCitrus for SuccessMandy meets St Mary'sWest side of the Minster at nightfallPowerlinesNational Railway MuseumMemoriesLight at the End of the TunnelTraining to rowSunny EarringLurking around the cornerReflecting at 3:30Minster from northwest wall.VeteranPaparazzoSt Mary's Abbey ArchLego buildingKissing the Sky, in colourLong shadowsStreet PianoYork's train stationBonfire nightHeart of YorkshireOregon Cannon BeachDay of the DeathOcean viewStatuePacific GraceJust another sunset at the breakwaterFerry #2Studying at the Inner HarbourPanning: MotorcycleClematisArt StudioThree dogs at the beachOrange and yellow flowersSelf-portrait #39: Action shotFlower and boatEducation RIPDahliaPandora's FallWater DropVilla OlmoMorning SunSinister Welcoming Man.and look: A pictureIn pairsFall coloursMandyFloating in the airLillyCarrouselWalmgate StraySacred Herb: HempKissing the skyResurrectionLittle SoldiersBlue carAnd another sunset at the breakwaterAnother sunset at the breakwaterPedestrianShipsLanding duckZig zagFire gliderNow PlayingArbutus FlowersBlue BridgeTokyo fish market 2Interior of the Reading RoomDouble SunBay CentreGuitar playerInuksukFlowerYacht in the inner harbourBicycle  from AboveAwards Presentation of the Monday Magazine Photo Contest MastNew moonHorse CarriageBlue and YellowFlying ant?SETI?AngelPeekingNew Orleans: Sunday GigCadboro Gyro ParkAquabusKelpHibiscusFull?SpiderParis 5: Overcoming adversityNew lookOzzieCyclopsBenchGovernment StHolland PointArtichoke flowersThe clouds are backSunset at Clover PointSunset at Dallas Rd.Sunset from Mt. TolmieTiger LilyInner HarbourShoe clinicWarped Bathroom 2Paddington StationBathroomUnderground60 years laterClover PointLove affairPatienceLearning to danceShadows in the inner harbourBicycling by the churchPhotos welcomeTulip and WindowsShark mooseWedding in KoreaHanging by the wireKissingLuminaraKabukisDream is destinyMoonrise at Cattle PointDaisiesSelling art American WindowDanzonBee 4ReadingVolkswagenFlyEels for saleFacesBanff 2Another beeMuralParis 4: Garden of the TulleriesFlying seagullChairsWrong wayDagstuhl panoramaCanada ManDagstuhl LibraryDagstuhlPalladaCuauhtémocSchloss DagstuhlCalgary AirportDuenThe reflection of the bandTempleRMBC Totem PolesBastion SquareInfrared experimentsSunny side upView TowerConstructionMt BakerStarfish StamensRingsRace TrackGranville BridgeConvocationLobster carLiving room for freeForgotten shotsPacific SwiftCruise shipsAccordionInner harbour and EmpressCalla lilyGoalFlowers againFlying over VancouverPI instituteSeagram's loftsPink tieWaterlooMississauga: the world is flatToronto AirportSail boatWeeds 2Float planesAmsterdam Train StationCrimson Columbine [was Weed?]softChangeAsimoMan feeding seagullsGiftKayakOverlooking the oceanParaglidingBicycle rack 2Racing to the finishReading Room British MuseumBreakwater  2RhododendronRed powerWillows beachUnder the blue skyStarfishYellow flowersRebarMan reading and a treeBC FerryDress upReading Sunset in the inner harbourPortraitWashroomsVia Tosca100thCanoe ClubCaring for Victoria's EnvironmentKinsmen Gorge ParkThere is a crab!Looking upA walk around Fort StOpened Snow drop and SunsetOak Bay Marina at NightRMBC Totem PolesUSS Belleau WoodClover Point Pumping StationTrial IslandTiny flowers studyCrane and crowMore flowersBicycle rackInsectsSin CityWestminster AbbeyBCBay CentreShadowsKite surfing 2SunsetSquegee boyFetchAgaveFawn lily (was Satin)An experiment in medium format scanningParis 3: The LouvreLow tideBalconyMagnoliaEquinoxGardenerParis 2: MontmartreParis 1: Eiffel TowerTulipLemonadeBinary graffitiSidewalk painterYellow seasonCarved HeartIndustrial VictoriaArts Faculty BuildingFerrySeagullsDebuggingCruise ShipLloyd's BuildingBanffGophersSunset at Ogden PointReflectionsCuriousCoca ColaThe reefBlossom countAnother beeBreakwater lighthouseBackupsOut of orderLanding heronBreakwaterWhite house at sunsetHeartLog in the beachCommon SnowdropBoats' reflection5 Self portraitsCherry flowersDeaneryWater StreamRainbowLizard on a bycicleContainer shipSharing the bountyUVic Library at SunsetWaspLucky Double MBoat in the Inner HarbourSpeakerEnjoying the sunFull moonSuspend modeReadingPort AlberniOlympic MountainsKite surfingStyleRosie's DinnerDoor in an alleyFirst medium format rollTwo girls dancingGarry Oaks at sunsetSnowBlues BrothersCarreraClouds over the oceanRebarSally Bun